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Training & Consultancy

Our consultancy services form the backbone of our business. Our consultants have worked in healthcare, both clinically and managerial, giving them an in-depth understanding of the complex processes and issues within healthcare organisations. This hands-on experience, combined with our comprehensive IT knowledge and project management skills, means we are ideally placed to advise on and create relevant, sustainable solutions for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our honest and ethical approach. We want our clients to reap the maximum benefits from our services, and so work hard to ensure that the projects we carry out provide measurable, tangible outcomes and a good return of investment. This ethos is reflected in the award-winning results we have achieved, and our client testimonials.

Our consultancy services are wide-ranging, and include:

  • Service Transformation
  • Workflow improvement through better use of Real-Time data
  • Product configuration and implementation
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Complete, bespoke end-to-end software solutions

Bespoke App Development

Rather like bespoke tailoring, bespoke software is software that is tailor made for the client. It’s an exact fit with the client’s requirements, eliminating many of the compromises that are built into ‘Off the Shelf’ software.

The software can be developed to do exactly what the client requires, no need to accept the compromises of ‘Off-the-Shelf’ software applications.

Bespoke software can be based on your current working methods, thereby using terminology your staff are already familiar with, thereby reducing training times.

We develop software solutions that validate user input, thereby ensuring the data in your system is as accurate as possible and is able to produce reliable trusted outputs.

Bespoke software is adaptable, as your business evolves so can the software, building on your original investment, rather than starting over from scratch.

This means you can start by developing a bespoke software application that covers one area of your business, and expand this later to cover other areas.

Why not buy off the Shelf?

Often there are Off-the-Shelf software solutions that achieve many of the requirements of individual companies, however there will normally be areas of operation that require the company to work differently, tailoring their business to the software available, rather than tailoring the software to there real business requirements.

Sometimes a good compromise can be achieved where a bespoke solution is used to ‘glue’ together different ‘Off-the-Shelf’ applications, however this is never the same as having a fully bespoke software solution developed from the ground up.

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