Electronic Whiteboards

Electronic Whiteboards

Our unique and sophisticated design has captured the hearts and minds of the Nurses at our customers site providing exceptional feedback.

Our Board Round feature is specifically designed to flow smoothly while the ward MDT team enter in the required data for each patient.

Some really amazing features to support #SAFER, Red2Green, Complex Discharges and much much more.

For each ward we also provide core metrics which are real-time.

Ward Summary Dashboard

A graphical view of core information required to manage the patients on the ward while supporting SAFER principles.

Board Round Functionality

Board round developed is safer principals focused alongside R2G, pulls from other systems such as Vita PAC (eObs) shows ward overall acuity, fast visual prompt if new tasks are allocated, print off the tasks for each group following board round. Saves to patients clinical record and prompts for Criteria Led Discharge.

Tasks allocated can be printed off and at second board round the tasks are on the system and ticked off as completed or not – this in the Nye Bevan has definitely shifted our juniors in terms of completion of task in a more timely way as they are competitive and like to get the most green days and completion of tasks.



Nurse Handover Functionality

A Handover tool designed by the Clinical Teams at NGH to ensure all the required information is pulled for other elements of the tool as well as allowing core information be added into the tool.

Side Room Infection Control Tool

The first tab lists all the patients that have been identified as Infection Risk via the Bed Status Flag from the Board Round.

The second tab provides information of all patients in every side room across the estate with flag indicating if they can be Moved or Not.

Huddle Dashboard

Swipe to see the status of beds, planned discharges and outliers per ward


Ranking Dashboard

The Raking dashboards is a unique league table which determines ward performance using scores calculated on core metrics.

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