IBOX Case Study – Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust


One of the most critical challenge for healthcare service is the management and flow of patients through hospitals to ensure effective health outcomes and to optimise the efficient deployment of resources including staff. Historical IT investment strategies for most hospitals has led to a myriad of diverse IT systems which, due to a lack of data interoperability, have in turn led to hospitals being data rich but information/insight poor. While there are many middleware and data warehouse suppliers, they are usually bespoke, they don’t scale or deliver scalable “actionable insight”.


ibox healthcare has solved the real time operational intelligence challenge for healthcare systems by using a variety of data analytical techniques with a “virtualisation” type product with dashboards and workflow tools that can provide “actionable insights” to drive the effectiveness of healthcare systems. The system has been co developed and deployed in Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust and delivers the following modules

  • A&E Virtualisation
  • Ward Virtualisation
  • Patient Flow Virtualisation

The solution has recently won a national award for the ‘best use of data’



  • Development of real time data visualisation of core areas of the hospital to support senior management and front-line staff who are the authoritative source regarding patient flow make informed decisions
  • Improvements in patient flow, reductions in patient transfer delays and operational breaches
  • Reduction in admin and management time which has released managers/clinicians to spend more time drive through key system and patient level action plans/tasks 


  • Cost effective solution which utilises a proven ability to integrate with all the leading operational systems used by NHS Trusts across the UK
  • Agile bespoke software solution which can be fully operational in NHS trust within 8 weeks 
  • System has been co developed with NHS trusts benefiting from significant end user input which has resulted in a solution which enhances current operational workflow approaches 


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