ibox dashboards

A&E Dashboards

Our bespoke suit of A&E dashboards support real-time reporting of core metrics as well as retrospective dashboards used to conduct deep-dives to determine the root cause of yesterdays performance.


Electronic Whiteboards

Our unique and sophisticated design has captured the hearts and minds of the Nurses at our customers site providing exceptional feedback.

Our Board Round feature is specifically designed to flow smoothly while the ward MDT team enter in the required data for each patient.

Some really amazing features to support #SAFER, Red2Green, Complex Discharges and much much more.

For each ward we also provide core metrics which are real-time.


Bed Management

As the electronic whiteboard allow for core metrics like Definite / Potential Discharges today, Empty Male / Female Beds, Empty Side Rooms, Infectious Patients we are able to calculate the Hospital Bed Base and provide Site Management team real-time bed information.

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Outpatient Slot Management

As the NHS is under pressure every chance for efficiency needs to be exposed to allow an action plan to be put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Our tool allows for empty slots to be highlighted in easy to use dashboards, search functionality that is quick at locating the next available slot and then provides overall high-level dashboards.







Room Booking

With hospitals having many rooms to manage for clinical and non-clinical activity it is important that it is easy and simple to be able to manage these rooms as a lot of wasted clinical times goes into this non-clinical task.

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