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My solution – A&E, Inpatient and Outpatient Table Overview

Each table has a core set of attributes which are common across the three tables and key to conducting analysis. Below the key attributes will be explained in detail and also some comments on how they are defined and should be used when conducting analysis.The three Core Tables are: AAE Live, Inpatient Spell Live and Outpatient Live. An additional table named Outpatient Live All has been added ...

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A&E – Duration in Minutes

(case when (datediff(minute,case when Arrival_Time > 0 then cast(left(Arrival_Time,2) +':'+ right(Arrival_Time,2) +':00' as datetime) end, case when departure_time > 0 then cast(left(departure_time,2) +':'+ left(right(departure_time,4),2) +':'+ right(departure_time,2) as datetime) end)) < 0 then (datediff(minute, cast(left(Arrival_Time,2) +':'+ right(Arrival_Time,2) +':00' as da...

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SQL – Dealing with Leap Year when deriving the Age at Admission

,case when DatePart(month,date_of_birth)= '02' and DatePart(day,date_of_birth)= '29' and DatePart(month,Arrival_Date)= '02' and DatePart(day,Arrival_Date)= '28' then DATEDIFF(YY, date_of_birth , Arrival_Date) when DATEADD(YY, DATEDIFF(YY, date_of_birth , Arrival_Date), date_of_birth ) > Arrival_Date then DATEDIFF(YY, date_of_birth , Arrival_Date) - 1 else DATEDIFF(YY, date_of_birth , ...

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POD Mapping Methodology

“To allow all these four datasets to be aligned one must adapt the POD Mapping Methodology. Each of these datasets hold all the required data to allow the Point Of Delivery (POD) attributes to be created. Once these POD attributes have been created comparing these datasets is simplified.” A&E – POD Mapping Explained Inpatient – POD Mapping Explained Outpatient – POD Mapping Ex...

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Unlock your potential by developing in-house…

Many NHS organisations have been sold the myth that they are unable to process SEM data in-house simply but I have done this at North Yorkshire and York PCT (NYYPCT) and believe this solution can be implemented at any PCT proving they adapt the POD Mapping Methodology. I am thankful that I have had good support from my director at NYYPCT allowing me time and support to design, develop and imple...

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